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Product strengths

- Constant current

- 50,000hrs life expectancy

- Active PFC

- Low THD

- 100% aging

- OVP/ Short protection

- RoHS compliant

Product naming

Model Input voltage Output current Output voltage Output power Specification download
SG008-C035-0D01 200-240V 0.35A 17-24V 5.95-8.4W
SG008-C035-0D02 200-240V 0.35A 17-24V 5.95-8.4W
SG006-C037-0D01 200-240V 0.37A 13-16V 4.81-5.92W
SG006-C037-0D02 200-240V 0.37A 13-16V 4.81-5.92W

- Low THD design. Particularly for project of large quantity.

- THD curve of SG-006-037-0D01.

Product structure

- Work with a motion sensor

- Double insulated input and output cords

- Screw holes available. Easy installation.