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Product strengths

- Plastic case

- Universal input

- Constant current

- 50,000hrs life expectancy

- Active PFC

- PWM dimming

- 100% aging

- OVP/ Short protection

- RoHS compliant

Product naming

Model Input voltage Output current Output voltage Output power Specification download
LP013-C050-0P 100-242V 0.5A 16-26V 8-13W
LP018-C070-0P 100-242V 0.7A 16-26V 11.2-18.2W
LP026C100-0P 100-242V 1A 16-26V 16-26W
LP014-C035-0P 100-242V 0.35A 28-40V 9.8-14W
LP020-C050-0P 100-242V 0.5A 28-40V 14-20W
LP028-C070-0P 100-242V 0.7A 28-40V 19.6-28W
Dimming characteristics

- Precisely designed dimming curve.

- Reference dimmer (Panasonic NQ20356)

Product structure

- PC enclosure

- Slim casing which suite most of the lighting fixtures.

- IP54 compatible (optional).

- Double insulated wires for input and output.

- Screw holes available. Easy installation.